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About Us

About Our NonProfit Organization

Welcome to SistaRN & Friends Inc., a nonprofit organization committed to making a difference in our inner-city communities.

At SistaRN & Friends Inc., we are driven by a mission to actively engage urban communities in Health Literacy Projects. These projects aim to equip and empower individuals to take control of their health and environment. By fostering knowledge and awareness through our initiatives, we strive to bring about positive behavioral changes that directly impact health outcomes. 

As a nonprofit organization, we offer a range of services to fulfill our mission. These include educational engagement activities, injury prevention events, health-related informational podcasts, and social media outreach. Our primary focus lies in surveying, assessing, and identifying individuals in our community who require our services. By understanding their needs, we can effectively allocate our resources and provide targeted support.

At SistaRN & Friends Inc., we believe that health literacy is the key to fostering healthier communities. Through our collaborative efforts and community-centered approach, we aspire to make a lasting impact and create positive change. Join us in our mission to empower individuals, promote health literacy, and build a healthier future for all.


The Our City Cypher is an on-line talent show consisting of multiple categories which include Essay BattleBeat Battles,Rap Battles, and Dance Battles.   


SistaRN & Friends Inc. will provide statistical and essential information that directly impacts urban communities.  The "Statistical Essentials "provided by the team MUST be used in the RAP BATTLES.  Each battle includes a chance to win cash! 


Our City Cypher gives our contestants an opportunity to build on their skills, show off their talent and win money at the same time! 


Thanks for submitting!

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